Funerals and Farewells has evolved from a desire to offer a less corporate, more personal approach to death, dying and bereavement.

We provide genuine care and concern for the deceased, the bereaved and the community.
The ‘Funerals & Farewells’ name relates to the history and the future of our cultural practices.

The tradition of having the deceased present at a service is the cornerstone of funerals. Having the coffin present has been and is a necessary, expected part of the funeral service.

A memorial service, farewell, or celebration will more often than not be without the deceased present. This allows a private cremation or private burial before or after the farewell. A farewell may also be engaged where a person has not been returned or when a body has been donated to science.

For some, a completely private farewell fulfils their expectations.

Funerals and farewells vary greatly, allow us to assist you in making an informed choice.


Brad Tattersall

Brad Tattersall - Funeral Director

Embarking on the journey of funeral service in 1993, I am a career funeral director.
Being with families and working in funeral service has provided me with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Funeral service is not simply a job, not 9 to 5, it’s who you are, your identity and what sort of lifestyle you lead. Having worked in all aspects of the industry and have served as a councillor with the Victorian division of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) – I know I am a Funeral Director.

In this 30th year of funeral service I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the families that I serve. Being in-tune with what people want, and constantly evolving is also important. I genuinely care and am genuinely interested in people. 

A Funeral Director is who I am, who I want to be; for me, funerals are personal.

Our Values and Principles

Great Care


True Faith

To treat everybody with care and attention. These difficult times nam congue, pede vitae dapibus aliquet, elit magna vulputate arcu.


Funerals & Farewells provides quality, professional death care to the local community and is dedicated to supporting the community through funeral service. This support extends to our suppliers. We employ a local, regional, national then global approach to sourcing needs.

Funerals & Farewells strive to be the best at what we do and rely on strong relationships with suppliers at all levels. We also acknowledge that in managing the social, environmental and ethical needs of our client families, we work with suppliers who share our values. We endeavour to keep our suppliers close to home, as this provides more flexibility and responsiveness, provides greater control, is good for the community and is better for the environment.

We want our suppliers to be successful, to employ local people, and invest in local businesses. Additionally, respected and successful businesses are in a position to contribute to the Geelong community through fundraising, volunteering and sponsored activities.

At Funerals & Farewells it’s personal.